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Essential Nutrient

Recommended by the NIH, AMA, AARP, FDA and the American Academy of Pediatrics.

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High-absorption choline capsules
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Critical for public health

The essential nutrient the brain needs for focus, learning ability and preservation of memory.

Sharp Mind

"Higher choline intake was related to better cognitive performance"

- Dr. Poly

Brain Growth

"Inadequate choline levels during pregnancy negatively affect cognitive development"

- American Medical Association

Lifelong Success

"The enhancement of memory by extra choline [during pregnancy and lactation] lasted a lifetime"

- Dr Zeisel

Client Testimonials

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"People who regularly consume RDA of choline have higher cognitive function, better memory and better concentration!"

Dr. Javaid, OBGYN

My grandma had Dementia / Alzheimer’s + it was terribly sad to watch her slowly wither away. 90% of people are deficient in Choline... that’s a LOT!


With the American Medical Association recommending all pregnant women take choline, there's no better way to prepare your body!


I started taking @bestcholine — an essential nutrient responsible for brain development during pregnancy.


I take bestcholine because a recent study shows that it reduces breast cancer risk between 24-58%, depending on the amount of choline you take a day.


About Sarah

Thanks for taking time to visit BestCholine. When I became pregnant with my first child I learned about how choline is the essential nutrient responsible for how well my baby's brain would develop in utero...

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critical during pregnancy and breastfeeding

"Choline during early development can prevent or reduce deficits....a novel strategy for the treatment or prevention of autism spectrum disorders." -Dr. Mellott

"For fetal brain development, choline is a critical nutrient. If it's not there at the right time, the baby's brain doesn't form correctly." - Dr. Zeisel

What else does BestCholine do?


Heart Disease Prevention

Breast Cancer Prevention

Cure NAFL Disease

Neurological Disorders

Choline For Age Reversal


Choline for Weight Loss

Professional Athletes use choline supplementation to rapidly lose weight before competitions. Read more about the study on rapid weight loss using choline here.

Heart Disease Prevention

Choline for Heart Disease Prevention

Choline supplementation is as effective as folic acid in lowering homocysteine levels. Since elevated homocysteine levels causes cardiovascular disease, choline intake reduces the overall risk.

Breast Cancer Prevention

Choline for Breast Cancer Prevention

Choline deficiency is associated with DNA damage and the death of healthy cells. In the first study to examine the association between Choline and breast cancer, Xu found that the breast cancer risk was reduced 24% among women with high Choline intake.

Cure NAFL Disease

Choline for Cure NAFL Disease

Choline is critical to properly transport fats from the liver. Therefore, when an individual is choline-deficient, fat accumulates. In an adult study, healthy individuals were deliberately deprived of Choline. 4 out of every 6 choline-deficient test subjects developed NAFLD. Liver function returned to normal when they received a high amount of Choline, proving that adequate choline intake is necessary for proper liver function.

Neurological Disorders

Choline for Neurological Disorders

Research has proven that those with Alzheimer's disease have low levels of Choline in the brain. In Norway over 2,000 adults aged 70-74 were studied and those who were choline-deficient had poorer sensorimotor speed, perceptual speed, executive function and global cognition.

Researchers from Boston University School of Medicine found that adults with high-choline diets scored highest in memory tests and had a lesser chance of developing white matter hyperintensity (seen from MRI scans).

White matter disease is a form of brain damage that’s caused by weakened vessels (Choline-deficiency causes membrane fragility). This brain damage is known to cause dementia and increase the risk of stroke.

Other randomized trials, including The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition prove that choline supplementation improved cognitive performance in adults.

Choline For Age Reversal

Choline for Age Reversal

Researchers gave mice the drug, anisomycin, which causes memory loss. Half of the mice were then given Choline and the other half were not. The mice that received the Choline were able to reverse the memory loss, proving that it is never too late to reap the cognitive benefits of Choline, even in old age.