Child Intelligence & Choline: Infographic

Choline is an essential nutrient with a daily recommended value of 550mg for children over the age of 4. Recent research proves that choline is becoming one of the most important nutrients for brain development during pregnancy and the American Medical Association is urging all doctors to advise their pregnant patients to take choline to prevent life-long learning disabilities due to deficiency.

Choline is not just needed during pregnancy. It is an essential nutrient and is needed throughout life for proper cognitive function. Since choline is needed for proper brain function throughout life children who are deprived of choline in school suffer from inability to focus, poor memory and general learning problems. 

This infographic shows how children who receive choline do perform better on tests, have improved behavior and are less likely to have a diagnosis of ADHD. BestCholine is the creator of the worlds first choline gummies for children.


Choline and Child Intelligence

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