Increase SAT Scores with Choline

SAT’s are a time of anxiety for parents -- and their children. Standardized testing in general can be unfair as it’s not a true representation of a child’s intelligence, but year after year we need to prepare for it anyway. Some children may not perform well under the strict time restraints and others might have problems recalling information under stress.

While choline supplementation should be part of you and your child's daily routine, it is especially critical during the months leading up to an important test. Study after study prove that when given choline supplements, adults, teenagers and children are better able to recall information and focus for longer periods of time than those who are choline deficient.

This is because choline acts as a neurotransmitter. The more choline that is consumed, the faster these neurons can travel and signal one another. When the brain is working quickly to send messages and recall the lessons that have been learned, there is a natural increase in focus. Children with ADD especially benefit from choline supplementation.

The “memory vitamin” not only helps memory and recall, but it also permanently changes the brain structure. For a child leaving high school and entering into the world of academia this is extra important. Choline consumption improves focus and attention, helping your child stay on track during a time of increased distraction and independence. We may not be able to keep an eye on our children while they go off to college, but we can provide them with the right essential nutrients to focus in class, retain information and quickly recall what has been learned.

Better yet -- choline consumption helps for a lifetime! So by giving your teenager choline you are helping them for their future life too. Choline supplementation actually prevents against age-related memory loss, such as dementia and alzheimers.

If you are interested in reading more about how choline affects memory and brain function please click on the Medical Professionals tab. And of course, make sure your child gets a full breakfast and is well rested before taking their test. Choline may be a new medical discovery, but some advice never changes :)

Go get ‘em!,

Sarah Kline

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