Make Your Child Smarter with this “Memory Vitamin”

Choline isn’t technically a vitamin since it’s been declared an essential nutrient by the NIH and FDA. However it’s well known within the nootropics community as the “memory vitamin.” Nootropics are drugs or supplements that increase cognitive ability, function and memory.

We all know that women should be taking prenatals when pregnant to ensure that our babies are born as healthy and capable of learning as possible. Since choline is an essential nutrient for brain development, you’d think that women would be receiving enough if they are diligent about taking their prenatals.

Unfortunately no prenatal vitamins contain more than 10% of the daily value of choline -- even though choline is an essential nutrient and just as important as Folic Acid in preventing neural tube defects. It’s so important to realize that 1 out of every 4 babies born with a neural tube defect is choline-deficient. It’s not just important for brain growth during pregnancy, choline consumption during childhood is also directly related to lifelong intelligence and future capacity to learn. Choline creates stronger synapses as well as quick signaling, improving memory and recall substantially.

A study done by the University of Denver by Dr. Freedman with 100 women show that children who received extra choline in utero ,through the mother supplementing with this essential nutrient, were helped to prevent against ADD, ADHD and Autism. Babies born to those who supplemented have much fewer attention problems and less social withdrawal. This is because choline consumption aids in the proper development of the hippocampus, which is responsible for brain functions such as memory and emotional regulation.

Choline and intelligence

See how the hippocampus lights up during interactive play? Without proper choline consumption, the hippocampus does not develop properly. Therefore the hippocampus remains relatively dormant even during interactive play.

Dr. Freedman believes that choline supplementation during pregnancy can even prevent mental illness. “The optimal time for this intervention is during pregnancy.”

At 7 years of age, children of moms consuming over 400mg of choline a day performed better on memory and intelligence tests,according to the study done by Dr. Freedman. The results were seen as soon as 18 months with toddlers scoring significantly higher in cognitive tests when exposed to extra choline in utero.

Choline supplementation during neonatal development has a positive lifetime effect on long-term memory capacity. During the third trimester, the hippocampus is developing, and the hippocampus is responsible for memory. The more choline that is consumed, the better developed the brain becomes. Unfortunately many pediatricians are not yet aware of it’s vital role in fetal development and childhood intelligence. We have created a tab on our website called Medical Professionals where we have curated all of the relevant research on choline for the purpose of education within the medical field.

We hope that you enjoy our carefully crafted choline supplements (and the world's first ever choline gummies!). Rest assured that you’re doing the very best thing you can for your brain health, as well as for the brain health of your children.

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